Clear aligners
It’s pretty clear

In 4 easy steps, OrthoClear delivers you the perfect smile in a box. Clear, quick & easy without (m)any in-person visits.

How we do it?
  • Yes we scan!
    We create a 3-D Smilefie® of your teeth to see exactly how to straighten your smile. Drop in to a SmileStudio® for 3-D scanning your teeth. Or you can order the initiation box to create your dental impressions.
  • Your Smilefie®
    Your 3-D scan is reviewed by our techs, who move each tooth like a puzzle. In our 3-D visualization you can see exactly how your new perfect smile will look. Creating a treatment plan that lasts, on average 3 to 6 months.
  • Get it straight
    Then we start manufacturing your custom-designed clear aligners. Each set is unique like a fingerprint. They guide your teeth into perfect alignment. We also send you our premium whitening, so you can really show off those pearly whites.
  • Smiles are forever
    After completing straightening, you can purchase an extra set of retainers for €99. Wear them at night to help keep your new smile in place. Feel free to re-order touch up whitenings or retainers any time.
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Send us impressions of your teeth
Lets scan your teeth!

Come to our SmileStudio® for 3-D scanning your teeth. This is the most accurate way to make your clear aligners. Or create your own dental impressions using our initiation box.

Send us impressions of your teeth
Orthodontists design your treatment

We show you a fully interactive 3-D digital model of how your teeth will move over time. Treatment is customized by your assigned dental professional.

Send us impressions of your teeth
Delivered to your doorstep

We’ll deliver the complete set of clear aligners to your doorstep in a box. You'll also get our premium whitening system and a set of retainers on us!

& Answers
Unbox your Smile
If you like your 3-D preview, we’ll ship the box with your custom-designed clear aligners directly to your doorstep. Your box includes our premium whitening system; instructional guide & storage box. And from A to Z our SmileTeam will stand by you.
Same results in the same time—limited office visits
All clear aligners are remotely prescribed and supervised by dental professionals, so you can say bye bye to hours spent in waiting rooms. And for every qualifying treatment, clear aligners provide the same results, in the same timeframe as traditional (premium-cost) braces.
Retainers and Premium whitening at no extra cost?
To keep your smile in shape, we’ll send you a set of free Retainers & Premium whitening. It’s our way of saying thank you.
Do I need a dental exam?
Yes you do. Please make sure that you've done a dental exam in the previous 6 Months (or less).
Get Set, Go, Smile!